Scotland Level 3 Restrictions: New Restrictions in Scotland | UK | News

Scotland Level 3 Restrictions: New Restrictions in Scotland |  UK |  News

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined a new equation for the response to the corona virus in Scotland. The system has five levels, with zero being the lowest and four being the highest. It follows from the UK lineup that was introduced earlier this month. Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, the First Minister outlined the extent of the existing COVID-19 restrictions in each part of Scotland when the new system comes into force next week.

The new regulations will take effect on Monday, November 2, and include Scotland’s Central Belt, including Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The northern parts of Aberdeen and Pipin will be secondary.

The islands on the west coast will be level one.

Scotland currently has strict rules for meeting others outside your home and imposes strict restrictions on the FM hospitality industry.

What are Level Three Controls?

Tertiary restrictions are that groups of two to six people are allowed to meet in public, while intra-socialization is not allowed.

The sale of alcohol is not permitted in indoor or outdoor hospitality settings, although food sales are permitted.

Traveling outside the tertiary area is not allowed unless absolutely necessary – for example to travel to work or school, although work from home is emphasized where possible.

Scotland’s Central Belt, Dundee, North and South Lanarkshire, Inverklite and Ayrshire are ranked third.

The prime minister said he hoped Edinburgh and East Lodhian could move to a “second-stage review stage”.

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What are Level Two Controls?

Indoor meeting with other houses is not allowed unless you are in the hospitality setting.

Rule Six applies – but only two houses are allowed to meet at a time.

Wine cannot be served at home unless substantial food is purchased.

Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, Fife, Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Arkil and Butte, Perth and Kinross and Angus will be in secondary control.

What are Level One Restrictions?

At level one, normal things like shops and bars are naturally open.

Cards for Level One have socialization – allowing you to meet with friends and family both indoors and outdoors.

Rule Six still applies – but only two houses can meet at any one time.

What are Level Zero Controls?

As close to normal life as possible, the main restrictions on socialization were removed.

Eight people in Level One can mix into the house from three different houses.

Outside, 15 people from five houses can mix together.

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