At the end of the regular season there are no dumb pets in the Dodgers lineup

At the end of the regular season there are no dumb pets in the Dodgers lineup

Mookie Bets Is seated Dodgers‘The final Sunday afternoon of the season Angels, The next day after being hit by a pitch in his left groin.

Dodgers-Angels rows

3 bFletcherC.F.Pollock
1 bWalsh (L)S.S.Caesar (L)
R.F.Ward3 bTurner
D.H.Othani (L)1 bமுன்சி
CBemboom (L)2 bTaylor
2 bJonesCBarnes
S.S.ChotoL.F.Peterson (L)

Bets was attacked by two seamers at a speed of 90-miles from Julio Tehran To lead the first inning on Saturday night. The Bates were active in the trenches, but were in an on-tech circle when the inning was over as the Dodgers roamed the frame.

Despite being the manager, he was dropped from the game after the first inning Dave Roberts That said, this is only a precaution, as the Dodgers playoff sowing has long been preserved. Bets has some hip pain on Sunday.

“He wanted to stay last night, he wanted to be there today,” Roberts said Sunday. “But it makes a lot of sense to give him a day and a half off and get him ready for Wednesday.”

Roberts said Bets needed no further testing on his waist. Bets at-Bates will be available on Tuesday during the workout at Dodgers Stadium ahead of the wild card round that starts Wednesday.

The first season for the Bets is pending in Los Angeles. He struck out Sunday with .292 / .366 / .527 with 16 home runs, a team from the National League lead, and a team’s top 10 stolen sites while playing star defense on the right field.

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Bets leads the NL in the baseball-reference version of WAR (3.4), and FanGraphs ranks third in WAR (2.9).

With Bets Out, KK Hernandez Sunday gets a start in the right field.

Cody Bellinger Gets a day off, but healthy. Justin Turner (Thumb, thigh) and Max Munchie (Wrist) Healthy and open. Roberts said each will receive three ad-pads on Sunday.

A.J. Pollock Starting Sunday. He batted ninth on Saturday, giving him at least one start in nine batting order positions in 2020.

Victor Gonzalez Gets a Sunday start as a starter Dustin May He is expected to take 2-3 innings in relief.

As Sunday’s starting lineup is now known, here’s a breakdown of the Dodgers ’starts this season, highlighting the list’s consistent versatility. Chris Taylor And Muncie each started at least 10 games in three different defensive positions, and Taylor added five starts in the center field as well. Hernandez started at five different levels, one of five different dodgers to start a game on infield and outfield in 2020.

2020 Dodgers defense begins

PlayerC1 b2 b3 bS.S.L.F.C.F.R.F.D.H.Total starts
PlayerC1 b2 b3 bS.S.L.F.C.F.R.F.D.H.Total starts

Game Info

Time: 12:10 p.m.

TV: Sportsnet Law

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