Corey Klooper signed with the Yankees


According to Jeff Basson, Corey Klooper will be coming to the New York Yankees.

The deal is said to be nearing an end, but the physical tests will remain the same.

The pitcher became famous after him Pulpon session Launched earlier this week. Thus he has proven that he can start in 2021 and the teams are marching.

This afternoon, I wrote a text mentioning the opportunity to see a launcher land in NY within 48 hours. My exclusive film? That’s Corey Klopper.

Behind Gerid goal, he will bring leadership to a cycle that requires it.

The pitcher wanted to sign a year to prove himself. It remains to be seen if that will happen. But if so, the Yankees will have a good pitcher and he will have a chance to go to the bank. Win-win.

We are talking about a $ 11 million one-year contract.

DJ The signing of Lemahiu previously gave the Yankees an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir budget for both players who deserve autonomy and free agents.

So this explains the enormous future of the Bombardiers.

Klup has won two careers with Sai Young (2014, 2017), but has been sidelined with injuries for two years. In 2020 he took only one innings in his only season in Texas.

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So the Yankees, on paper, have a competitive cycle.

It is up to him to redeem himself. It would be the perfect place for him to do that.

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