Derek Jetter’s habits may help Clipper Torres

Derek Jetter's habits may help Clipper Torres

It’s an open secret that the Klipper Torres shortcut didn’t meet expectations defensively. It has not been dated since yesterday.

Even since the start of the season, the situation has been taking an incredible touch. Just last week, in addition to Dora beating the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay would have prevented a three-point push-up without making a big game against the Rays.

The solution is not complicated. Venezuela will soon find itself in a second cushion. Even in this state, he would never be a defensive sorcerer.

However, he can make a small change that does not hurt him. In fact, N.J. In a phone interview with Advance Media, Bill Ripken said it would be good to follow the habits of Torres new Hall of Fame member Derek Jetter.

“Derek Jetter’s custom is for anyone to catch the ball, move his legs towards the goal, throw the ball, and then call that throw. It’s a standard.

According to statistics, Taurus is one of the worst defensive shortcuts in the league. Last year, in the 60-game season, Torres made nine mistakes that put him in second place, an incredible position in this category.

However, it is not as if the New York Yankees do not trust him, successfully emphasizing his confidence in Torres, including Aaron Boone’s early season report.

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However, the Bronx bombers could not allow time without action. They should definitely start negotiations to bring more stability to the crossroads by July.

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