Angela Team reveals why she wears a face mask at home when telling everyone

Fan time has finally come 90 day fiance: always happy Tell all the famous parts of the show. It was an experience that really happened even though everyone was almost together. There are arguments and tons of drama, and many fans will be delighted to learn that one of their favorites, Angela Team, will be a part of Tell Everyone.

Fans wonder why Angela is wearing the mask when she tells everyone

Angela Team '90 Day Future Wife: Always Happy '
Angela Team ’90 Day Future Wife: Always Happy ‘| DLC /Web light

In the previews of Tell It All, many fans are wondering why Angela is almost wearing a mask in her own home during the shoot. A fan of the series released a picture Reddit Tell everyone that Angela is sitting at the gate with her face covered in her house. Some fans who have not watched the episode have questions as to why she is dressed like that in her own home.

“What is Angela wearing?” Post title.

“A neck guitar,” another Reddit user commented. “But I don’t know why she wears it at home.”

Other fans wanted to know what the cover was when she was safe at home. “Why is she wearing it in her house?” Asked one fan.

However, some fans saw the first look of the episode and now they know why Angela says covering her face. It involved a dental job she was about to do and a sore.

When all is said and done Angela reveals why she wears a face mask at her home

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Fortunately, Dell All presenter Shawn Robinson was smart enough to ask Angela about it, and at the first appearance of the episode he revealed the reason to everyone.

“Now Angela, I need to ask you about the mask,” Shawn asks her. “What are you doing, what, some social distance, is it contagious?”

Angela responds that she is going to finish some “dental work” and can’t get any air on a sore she has.

“No, I’m making my social exclusion, but I’m getting ready to pursue some dental work. I’ve got a sore,” Angela explains. “Yeah, I had to keep it covered so the air wouldn’t get inside and make it worse. It’s too bad.”

In the last episode that tells everyone, Angela returns to Georgia to see her mother after she was taken to the hospital

When fans last saw Angela, she was saddened by the loss of her mother. After marrying her husband Michael Ilesanmi in Nigeria, Angela’s mother receives a tragic phone call from her daughter Skyla who claims she did not answer. An ambulance came to the house and took her to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Angela is really worried and is booking a return flight on time. She is able to see her mother when she responds, but 10 days after returning home in Georgia, Angela’s mother passed away.

Tell everyone, Shawn takes the time to express his condolences to Angela.

What else can fans learn during the new episode? We need to see how this works.

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