The former owners of OGC Nice, Sien Lee and Paul Conway bought Nancy

The former owners of OGC Nice, Sien Lee and Paul Conway bought Nancy

The volume of sales has not been filtered out, but it will be around 10 million euros.

The club’s new strong man, Kuttiyar Kanaye, will also be sent through the gym. Sien Lee will pick up the chair. Jack Roussell, Nancy’s leader since 1994, turns a page.

“These are usually people with experience in sports and hobbies.”, Former President Jacques Roussell announced, moved a lot, and his councilor Etienne Pavre during a press conference.

“They are the owners, and for some of them, the famous sports clubs of the United States and two of them already have French football experience by acquiring at the time of OGC Nice, that is Mr. Chen and Mr. Conway.”, Said Etienne Powrey.

“We are confident about their sporting experience and the opportunities to load the club where they want it.”, They decided.

Jack Russell, chairman of ASNL since 1994, noted that the future president and general manager of the club is Gauthier Kanaye, and that the official presentation of buyers should take place in the first week of January.

Jack Russell, 71, one of the last “dinosaurs” of French football, who only confirmed the club’s durability, has been with ASNL for a number of years. He had concluded several times before the situation changed.

ASNL, which has been in the L2 since September 2017, is currently 17th after 17 days of the championship and will start the tournament on January 5 with a tour of the Valencians.

The OGC ended the Chinese-Americans column at Nice (without the best results …), ending with the conspiracy of the Riverre-Fournier duo, who thanked the INEOS team for leaving the club.

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