Tesla’s new homemade batteries are in test cars on the road today


Posted on September 26, 2020 |
Presented by Zachari Shahan

September 26, 2020 Issued by Zachary Shahan

Tesla’s Battery Day presentation is packed with tons of information. At the bottom of this article, I will include some articles that have tried to summarize and further illustrate the Battery Day event. First, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the presentation did not make that clear.

The Battery day Tesla had already thought of using some of the batteries in Tesla cars to use in Tesla cars, others thought that Tesla was still far from getting its own cells in the cars, and that Tesla was already emitting 10 gigawatts. Imposing them on batteries and new Tesla vehicles for a year. Elon Musk has now clarified on Twitter that Tesla’s new batteries are actually in cars on the road today – well, in fact, cars that have been on the road for the past several months. (Keep in mind that Battery Day happened several months ago.) Although it is not 100% clear whether these are just test vehicles or some consumer vehicles, they are still (and logically) referred to as Tesla own test vehicles.

The last line of that tweet also indicates that the company is still far from mass production. Having prototype cells in cars is a low achievement in Elon’s view, compared to the challenges of producing large quantities of those cells and moving thousands upon thousands of vehicles each month. It was not the highlight of the presentation because he considered the prototypes “trivial”.

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For more information on these cells, Kyle Field wrote an in-depth section for us, which I recommend reading: “Everything you need to know about Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell. ”

Musk and Tesla CDO Drew Bacchino explained where Tesla is today and where it wants to be, regarding Tesla’s battery production capacity and where it currently stands.

“It’s not just a concept or rendering,” Paglino said. “We are starting production of these cells around a corner of our pilot 10 gigawatt plant.”

“It will take some time to reach the speed of 10 GW [annualized] Productivity, ”the company expects to reach that capacity within the next 12 months. “The actual production plants will be in the order of 200 gigawatts or more over time.”

Musk’s ideas about the challenges of mass production come from many years of production experience, including many challenging years. But as I mentioned two days ago, Tesla’s 10 gigawatt “pilot plant” will actually be The 13th largest lithium ion battery factory in the world If it is online tomorrow. Therefore, Tesla expects to discharge a significant flow of battery cells within the coming months, even if it is a complete factory or so-called “pilot” plant. Meanwhile, there are even bigger projects than that, which could even become the world’s largest lithium ion battery manufacturer.

To learn more about these topics, I recommend reading:

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