Apple executives are set to testify in the epic game case

Apple executives are set to testify in the epic game case

Since the summer of 2020, the epic game has been involved in the Crusades against Apple. Following the rejection of a complaint in the United Kingdom and the filing of a new one with the European Commission, the video game publisher is scheduled to launch its U.S. investigation on May 3, 2021. For this occasion, many of its leaders who have decided to bring in Apple are on the bar to promote its cause.

Apple executives are ready to testify against epic games

Press Apple Insider The list of witnesses who will interfere in the May 3 trial between Apple and Epic Games in California has now been made public. On the California side, several members of management will come to testify, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, software engineering vice president Craig Federky or former marketing director Bill Schiller.

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« Our leaders look forward to sharing in court the positive impact that the App Store has had over the past 12 years on innovation, global economies and user experience. We hope the lawsuit alleges that Epic deliberately violated its contract with the sole purpose of increasing its revenue, and as a result they were removed from the App Store.», Underlining a Communication Shipped from AppleMacroemers.

At Epic Games, the company’s CEO Tim Sweeney, Managing Director Daniel Vogel and V.P. Marketing Matthew Weissinger will be invited to the bar. Former employees of both companies or other witnesses such as management members at Microsoft, Facebook and Nvidia will also be speaking.

Epic Games and Apple are in a case of igniting a spark.

Tim Cook and Tim Sweeney will face each other during the trial.

Between fines and legal aid

However the California company video game publisher is not only attacked by epic games. For example, the Sவோo Paulo Consumer Protection Agency has imposed a $ 2 million fine following the absence of a charger in the Apple iPhone 12 boxes. The company was also ordered to pay $ 8,308 million to personalized media communications for patent infringement.

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In France, an association representing more than 1,800 start-ups has been reported by France Digital. In this new legal action, Apple has been accused of using advertising targets in its applications without specifically informing consumers. A small hit is yet to be highlighted on March 17th. The French Competition Authority has actually confirmed the use of an app tracking transparency feature that allows users to consent to or allow the monitoring of applications installed on the iPhone and iPod.

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