Honor Review I ITV play about Banas Mahmood

Honor Review I ITV play about Banas Mahmood

Anyone who has followed last year’s news about ITV’s True Drama Honor will learn about the additional research screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes who is now facing.

The two-part series focuses on the real-life police investigation into the death of 20-year-old Banas Mahmot Iraqi Kurdish woman She was brutally murdered in what became known as the ‘honor killing’ in 2006 on the orders of her father and uncle, who left her abusive husband to be with another man. However, the show caused controversy even before filming began.

Banas’ sister, Bassi Mahmoud, criticized the play in an interview last summer BBC, Rather than the story of Banas, the show’s focus on former Scotland Yard detective DCI Carolyn Coote, portrayed by Keeley Howes. (Payzee said exclusively Radio Times.com Most recently she said that now “Glad to have the conversation,” But there is debate surrounding Honor Continued.)

A statement from Hughes, in which he described the play as one “Ultimately upgrade [story]”Due “The sheer bravery and dedication of the police officers who hunted down his killers” was met with Performance.

Actor and writer Furquan Akhtar tweeted: “It changes the story [Mahmod] To the white detective who ‘got her justice’. The project includes a white lead, writer and director. “

The opening moments of the Honor episode do not dispel concerns about the show’s focus on Goode: the first minute or so, while driving to the Keeley Haves police station, he occasionally sips into the cheesy radio show he’s listening to. .


Keeley Haves (center) with DCI Carolyn on ITV’s Honor

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But the main thing here is that Good Day begins and ends for us as an observer: the way she goes – or the way she goes – works. Like the Netflix criminal, we will never see the home life of the police team; There are no ubiquitous crime scenes where a police detective is pouring themselves a glass of wine on their kitchen table. We learn something about the personal problems of detectives, just like any other employee would like, we learn in the work environment.

When an investigator announces with tears that he was “backed up” by his boyfriend, he says so in the office, and even a scrap of this personal information emerges only because of the context of the case: the investigator in question is trapped in his desk, obsessed with exploding an important piece of information that can ‘save’ Banas, At that point the team hopes to be still alive. Goode and his team are eager to correct the mistakes of other police officers: Banas went to the police for help several times before he died, even providing a list of names.

Beyond the blurred police tapes in Kuna’s office, Banas (briefly but with the newcomer Phuket Gomor’s over-sensitivity) never appeared on camera – but she was the invisible focus of Good and his officers in both tightly wounded episodes.

The only time we see the team in a social setting is at the riverside drinks at the end of the second chapter, which I felt was a little misguided – it would have been so powerful to see Good return straight to the office following the final court scene.

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Whether or not Goode should be the center of honor, Howes (the producer) still excels in the role; Solve her, especially in the final minutes of the first episode or from the impact of the tears, and stare at a load on the face of Banas’ killer.


Ryan Barreto as Beckley on ITV’s Honor

Ryan Barreto (Hannah of the Amazon) is the outspoken and courageous Bekal, who comes forward to testify against Banas’ older sister, his own father and uncle, forcing the witness to enter the defense. Mo Bar-El, who plays Banas’ real-life boyfriend Rahmat Suleimani, captures his quiet disaster perfectly.

However, not enough is seen about Banas’ former community, and the sexual and oppressive context that characterizes it led Bekal to flee before the events of the play. That atmosphere is explained to the Good (viewer’s position) by members or former members of the community, but never fully witnessed or experienced by the viewer. Whenever we meet Banas’ father or uncle, they want to see the police or the arbitral tribunal – not the most frightening versions of Banas and his sister.

Ignore the fact that we never see the personal lives of police detectives – we never see the life of the victim. Respect would have been a very different play if the audience had been intimate with Banas ’own life and thoughts.

The series ends with a series of police shots, with Banas looking straight into the viewer’s eyes – but that’s the version he gives to the police. She cannot speak her mother tongue; She never expresses her hopes and dreams.

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Respect is still a good play, but it remains to be seen whether it confirms the early fears of its critics.

Honor airs on ITV on two nights 28 Monday and Tuesday 29 September 2020 at 9pm. Contact IKWRO Women’s Rights for more information on child abuse.

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