Rebellion Wilson ‘Massive Incident’ detail while photographing in advance in Mexico

Rebellion Wilson 'Massive Incident' detail while photographing in advance in Mexico

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress describes an incident on the beach when she and her friends wanted to do a photo shoot while leaving Mexico.

AceShowbiz – Actress Rebel Wilson He crashed after being thrown into a rock by a large wave during a pre-beach photoshoot.

The “Pitch Perfect“On Friday, November 6, while the star was enjoying her last day of vacation in Mexico, she and her friends went to the water to take some final pictures.

However, when her friend Nicole dropped her handbag, things began to go awry when the rebel tried to retrieve it – only to be caught in a wave and slapped on a rock.

The Australian funny girl, who has been revealing her slim figure in recent weeks, took to her Instagram story chronicle to describe the “massive incident” and said, “We’re here in Mexico, we were taking hot photos on the beach.”

“Unfortunately when we did that, Nicole’s handbag was washed in the sea. It had her passport in it, which is currently drying. Then I said, ‘I’ll get it!’ Because we have to fly today. Then I worked hard. ”

As she showed the other wounds on her leg, the camera landed on an ice cube she was holding against her chest.

“Basically my left pussy took most of the impact, it’s going to be very swollen and hurt,” Rebellion shared, “I had my stomach blown off when I hit the rock.”

“So guys, be careful, be careful when you take hot photos, because the waves can get you,” he joked. “Be safe at sea …”.

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“Your health and safety should not be ruined because honestly, my pussy is already big and after this it will be very swollen.”

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