"The White Tiger" on Netflix, a portrait of social divisions in Delhi

“The White Tiger” on Netflix, a portrait of social divisions in Delhi

The film, based on Arvind Adiga’s best-selling novel, released in 2008, will be available on Friday, January 22. It reveals the apparent poverty of the Indian capital, which the better classes still neglect.

There were Slumdog Millionaire As for Bombay, it is now White tiger To Delhi. Thirteen years after the worldwide success of Britain’s Danny Boyle’s film, which shines in the depths of the Maharashtra capital, Ramin Bahrani, an American director of Iranian descent, presents a terrifying portrait of Delhi. Strangely, The “Cinematography” From the capital of India “Low to date”, IndicatesHindustan Times. This has undoubtedly come as a shock to those accused of fiction, which was released on Netflix on Friday, January 22nd. “The World’s Largest Democracy”.

In Bombay, the rich “Behind their concessions can never be hidden, because poverty is always in sight.”. In Delhi, “City of Ketos”, Privileged recipients “They can live in their ivory tower and ignore the world below, which is hidden because it is under a carpet of trees and fog.”. In Bombay, tea vendors “Become a Millionaire”, While in Delhi “They run down the street”.

The Booker Prize 2008, adapted by Arvind Adiga (translated into French by Buchet / Chastel in 2011) from Bestseller of the same name White tiger Is unfortunately relevant. This is a movie “Filthy” And one “Cry of Anger”, Poles except empathy Slumdog Millionaire, The diary indicates. A pamphlet against the caste system and the oppression of minorities, Indian filmmakers themes “Usually there is no cultural perspective”.


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