Jeremy Smith: Casino Industry Should Focus More on Their Digital Marketing

Jeremy Smith: Casino Industry Should Focus More on Their Digital Marketing

The digital economy is the latest era globally. Without a doubt, it is the new normal in 2020, as every industry must adjust to the big change. Despite the restrictions of movement and shutting down of economies in early Q1 of 2020, many casinos with a perfect game plan are still making huge profits and hedging competitors via digital marketing. They need an effective marketing strategy to survive the fierce competition in the gambling space. Jeremy Smith, Senior Business Project Manager of FreeSlotsHub, discusses digital marketing’s essence, explains why the casino industry must use digital marketing tools, and shares how to apply it.

Digital marketing is a major player in the online casino industry today, and iGaming organizations must embrace it to succeed in this fast-paced economy. The importance of digital marketing cannot be overemphasized in the casino industry, and the 2020 global crisis has further strengthened that claim. The casino industry’s new reality is embracing digital marketing perks in connecting with sponsors, stakeholders, and customers.

Today, sites like FreeslotsHub reach many gamers with slots, including free pokies like Queen of the Nile. The process has only been effective via the dynamic digital marketing strategy that the company has implemented.

Jeremy quotes Seth Godin, a bestselling author, and blogger, who said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” Irrespective of the product or service you provide for consumers, there’s a high chance you don’t have a market monopoly. Thus, your business’s differentiation must be through a proven and effective method, and it’s no other than digital marketing. Jeremy Smith is a big advocate of content marketing to drive casino business and overall growth. He says, “Digital marketing requires data, not just anyhow stats, but accurate numbers with a casino context to make it actionable. The casino industry will see a big boost if they stop interrupting what online gamers are interested in and start fitting the business to meet gamers’ interest.”

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Casino Digital Marketing Strategies

Different entrepreneurs have been making use of digital marketing strategies to increase their revenue exponentially. The casino industry would also benefit from this tool in attracting and engaging customers to become loyal patrons. However, there are many ways to go about it, but it all starts with a top-notch website. Jeremy Smith sees a highly functional website as the backbone of any lead generation. A compelling website shows that the online casino is modern, active, and ready for customers. FreeslotsHUB uses a dynamic, easy-to-use website in engaging with gamers. That has seen a consistent increase in the number of visitors per month. The FreeslotsHUB site is also well positioned for search engine optimization (SEO). Remember that Google only loves you if everyone else loves you first. Although a successful SEO involves many factors, new sites can start by focusing on on-page factors like metadata, titles, URL name, and more.

Jeremy Smith shares proven ways casinos are using digital marketing to connect with customers.

  • Contents → Relationships → Trust → Revenue. Casinos have many content marketing options, including blogs, articles, videos, graphics, and guides. These contents engage and consequently attract guests.
  • Promotions and welcome bonuses. Advertise and publish promotional content on the website and do guest posting.
  • Email marketing. It’s not just okay to have leads. Online casinos must keep and nurture their visitors by reaching out to them via email messages or other communication channels.
  • Smartphone application. Technology brings us close in today’s world; creating an app is one way to engage with guests directly. It is even possible to offer offline games on apps and get customers informed about the latest promotions and offers.
  • Posting winners & other stats. Displaying the number of visitors and posting the week’s big winners is an excellent digital marketing strategy. Social media connects with gamers’ minds, and casinos can always connect with a broader audience via this channel.
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Casino Social Media Marketing

Jeremy Smith also believes in social media marketing to drive innovation and business growth in the casino industry. A considerable percentage of the world’s population is active on one social media platform or the other. As of 2017, research showed there were more than one billion active users on social media. Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Quora, and others are recording more subscribers, and the number keeps increasing monthly. Facebook alone has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2020, according to a result published by

FreeSlotsHUB has started working on integrating its website with different social media platforms to better connect with users. Doing this will surely help the website reach more customers and get feedback that will inform decisions that drive better user experience. The company will be employing experts to create and handle social media platforms on behalf of the site. One good thing about social media is that some platforms allow users to create tailored content targeted to a particular group, age, or class. Hence, FreeSlotsHUB will be utilizing this to engage users, reach a bigger market, and increase followers.

Online casinos have a lot to benefit from digital marketing, but increasing revenue, growing market share, and followers sum it. A casino or gaming platform without a proper or no digital marketing strategy in place is sitting on a time bomb of going out of relevance. FreeslotsHUB has been recording more user engagement and visits thanks to a well-planned digital marketing strategy. The quality and the well-optimized site generates traffic, and the casino knows where to focus on feedback to get better results. Guests will come and go if your casino lacks customer engagement. Hence there is a need for customer engagement and follow-up programs. These include promotions, tailored contents, social media integration, and many more.

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