“Slag Acquisition opens up a new ’employee experience’ component in the salesforce beyond customer experience.” Emily Sidigian, Salesforce

"Slag Acquisition opens up a new 'employee experience' component in the salesforce beyond customer experience."  Emily Sidigian, Salesforce

Newly head of Salesforce France, Emily Cidigion is Guy Hervier’s guest this week. Opportunity to view the news of a company that is constantly evolving, especially by increasing the number of acquisitions.

Salesforce, the forerunner of Sass and the global leader in online CRM, is a hydra today, based on the business strategy of many French companies and customer interactions. Its managing director, Emily Sidigian of France, took over the leadership of the French subsidiary a few weeks ago, and at a strategic time when Europe is intensifying sanctions to protect its digital sovereignty, the French government’s announcements around clouds of hope pose new challenges to American soldiers.

With him, Guy Hervier returns to the “cloud of hope” impact for the American company, but also in the publisher’s rich news. They are trying to create an overview of the salesforce’s operations, which in recent years have made major acquisitions: MulSoft, Table, Slack …

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