PS5 Australia: Sony PlayStation 5 reveals price and release date

PS5 Australia: Sony PlayStation 5 reveals price and release date

After many Teasers and small events, Sony has finally revealed how much the PlayStation 5 will cost.

The digital version of the PlayStation 5 launches in Australia for $ 599.95 and the flagship PlayStation 5 model 49 for $ 749.95.

It puts it upside down with its rival Xbox Series X.

The PS5 will be available in Australia from November 12.
The PS5 will be available in Australia from November 12. debt: Sony

In a footnote, Sony said China’s release date is still “under study”.

The Xbox Series X will be released on November 10, two days before the PS5. The Microsoft Series S sells for $ 499.

Sony has a “digital version” of the PS5, which eliminates the console’s disk drive and comes with a slight shave from the price index to $ 599.95.

All prices shown above are converted to AUD.

New features

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray: Play games in 4K definition and enjoy video.

High Speed ​​SST: Load and run games fast Lightning fast solid state drive

Ray tracking: An innovative rendering technique that allows incredibly realistic lighting.

Hoptic controller concept: New controller vibration that allows the player to feel subtle movements in the controller to match what is happening on the screen.

Adaptive triggers: Allows the rear triggers to be touched more deeply, for example tension when a player shoots a bow and arrow.

3D Audio: Ability to allow 360 degree audio, with the new headset released with the console.

In the stream, Hermann Hulst, head of global studios, said, “Creating games about this steady trade between artistic vision and technological limits. With PS5, we’re not that burdensome.”

“PS5 will provide a paradigm shift in what a player can expect from gaming,” he said.

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They showcased the console’s new capabilities with the new PlayStation titles being released with the new console.

New topics

Spriter-Man: Miles Morals Spider-Man was already a PlayStation 4 exclusive, so fans are expecting ownership for the PS5 as well. Sony has confirmed to CNN Business that “Spider-Man: Miles Morals” will be a PS5 exclusive.

Gran Turismo 7: The popular racing game Gran Turismo gets an installment on the PlayStation 5. The new title, the Gran Turismo 7, has no release date yet, but already has a campaign mode that allows players to earn and customize new cars by winning races.

Ratchet & Blank: Except for the split: The best-selling game of the series in 4 years

Wrong: If a dystopian is set in the future, it appears that the player will control a stray cat in an urban forest.

Chakbai: A Great Achievement: Continuation of the ‘Little Big Planet’ rights.

NBA 2K21: The next installment of the long-standing basketball simulation franchise.

A closer look at the quality of the PS5 game from NBA 2K21
A closer look at the quality of the PS5 game from NBA 2K21 debt: Sony / 2K game

The quality of the game is what you expect and many more – welcome update for gamers, eagerly awaiting its release.

Sony appreciates the sophisticated gaming machines that allow developers to pack unprecedented amounts of detail and interactivity into their games.

Sony has unveiled the new PS5 live on Steam.

While the live stream is only in full HD, the console will support 4K gameplay. There has been speculation that the PS5 could support higher resolutions such as 6K and 8K, although no official announcement has been made.

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It was released in November 2013, the forerunner – PS4. Since then it has sold more than 100 million units worldwide.

The PS5 is set to launch in Christmas 2020.

Shannon Liao of CNN contributed to this report.

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