Will Smith finally reunites with longtime rival Janet Hubert and fans cheer

The new prince of Bel-Erin No doubt about it The best jokes Always appears on TV. Created by Andy and Susan Borowitz, a native of Philadelphia, after being sent to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins ​​in California. Throughout its six-year run (1990-1996), it received rating and was one of the most watched shows on TV.

But no matter how iconic The new prince of Bel-Erin I mean, a lot of fans have never been able to get Janet Hubert out as Aunt Viv. It was a pivotal moment that sparked a decades-long public conflict between him and other actors. However, things seem to be coming back.

Recently, Will Smith reunited with Hubert and shared their photo on social media, which made fans nostalgic about the past and excited about what it means to move forward.

Will Smith and Janet Hubert
William Smith William ‘Will’ Smith and Vivian Banks Janet Hubert | Chris Kafayo / NBCU Photo Bank

Will Smith’s reunion with Janet Hubert came after a long fight

When Daphne Maxwell Reid was replaced by Hubert in the fourth season, reports initially said he had left due to creative differences. Distraction. But it was later revealed that he had a series of issues with Smith and other actors.

Shortly after his departure, Smith gave an interview with an Atlanta radio station in 1993, where he said (via There is! News):

I can honestly say that Janet Hubert wanted the show to be Aunt Viv of the Bel-Air Show because I knew she was going to put me dog in the press. She basically does nothing from a quarter of a million dollars a year. She’s crazy now, but she’s crazy. He once said, I’ve been in business for 10 years, come up with this snotty-nose punk and get a show. ‘Whatever it is, to her, I am the Antichrist.

Meanwhile, Hubert said Om! Inside On the show in 2013, Smith did “terrible things” for her. She did not elaborate, but what happened was very serious That made Hubert swear Always working with him again, even if it signals that he is open to reunion in the aforementioned interview with Om! Inside.

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William Smith William 'Will' Smith and Janet Hubert as Vivian Banks
William Smith William ‘Will’ Smith and Vivian Banks Janet Hubert | Chris Houston / NBCU Photo Bank

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Will Smith and Janet Hubert finally arrive for the ‘Fresh Prince’ reunion special

Smith took to Instagram to share photos from the meeting with the cast after news broke that the reunion with HBO Max would be special on September 1st. Sep. And DJ Jassie Jeff (Jazz). (James Avery, played by Uncle Bill, died in 2013).

Today marks exactly 30 years since the introduction of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! So we’re all doing something … Family Reunion for real banks is coming to @HBOmax soon! RIP James. # FreshPrince30th, ”he wrote in the title.

In the photo with Hubert, the two were smiling at what appeared to be a friendly conversation between the two. TV line HBO Max notes that for almost three decades the production has been described as “an emotional reunion and an honest conversation”.

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Reactions to the reunion between Will Smith and Janet Hubert are exciting.

A Twitter user could not believe that Smith and Hubert had been reunited with each other for years. Tweeting: “Will Smith and Ozzy Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) to reunite with new Prince Bel-Air. Frozen in Hell!”

In the comment section of Smith’s post, another fan wrote: “This is what the world needs right now.

“I’m so glad they put their differences aside and buried their belly, because this is the reunion we deserve.” Tweet.

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One-third said, “This is a very long delay Tweet Said the part.

According to TV Line, around Thanksgiving, fans can expect to reunite later this year.

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