90-day-old fiance Elizabeth protects Andrei from staying at home

90-day-old fiance Elizabeth protects Andrei from staying at home

Elizabeth Potash Protected husband Andrei Gastrovet Being a stay-at-home dad after Part 1 90 day fiance: happy occasionally? Tell-everything. Following a special program aired on Sunday, September 27, the television personality showed support for his man.

Elizabeth, 30, took to Instagram With a photo With his “partner in crime” on Monday, September 28th, a fan also gave him credit for the comments.

90-day-old fianc மனைவிe Elizabeth Pottast defends staying at home after husband Andre tells
Courtesy Elizabeth Pothast / Instagram

“I love you [two]. Stop listening to your brother [Charlie] And sister [Jenn] There is nothing wrong with a dad staying home, ”the social media user wrote. “There is nothing wrong with that! He is a wonderful father, ”Elizabeth replied.

Both Jen and Charlie voiced their thoughts that in the previous episodes Andre was not earning extra, they wanted him to contribute to his home more than he did. They are their father, Chuck Potash, He did not pay for their wedding because he paid for the couple’s lavish wedding in Moldova.

Speaking of Season 5, Andrei, 34, confirmed that he is still taking care of his daughter Eleanor, while Elizabeth is bringing in money to work for her father Chuck.

“I do not care what others say, honestly. I do what I have to do, ”explained the reality star. Although Elizabeth said she was not always busy, Andrey replied, “I am still [the] The man of the house said, “It won’t change anything.”

The father of 90-day-old fiance Andre Elizabeth insists on paying for a second marriage
Courtesy Elizabeth Pothast / Instagram

Someone’s father also shared his interest in getting into the real estate business at one point, and Elizabeth admitted that he was the “big one” in it.

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Elizabeth and Andre were not afraid to speak their minds at everything they said, and they even sounded on the coaster Larissa dos Santos Lima. After appearing on the webcam site Comsoda, Elizabeth overshadowed Brazilian origin as a “stripper.”

“Many have families to feed and have bills to pay, and this is an important way for them to be independent and survive,” said Larissa, 34. In contact In response to his colleague DLC Alam. “I respect anyone who goes to work to create a better future for themselves and their family.”

All that Part 2 of Season 5 has to say is that next Sunday, October 4th, D.L.C.

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