Trump defended himself because critics confiscated war veterans who insulted American soldiers

Trump defended himself because critics confiscated war veterans who insulted American soldiers


Hegel said the statements were “credible” because they were consistent with Trump’s earlier public comments insulting military veterans, including former U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the late US Senator John McCain.

“It will resonate with the military,” he added.

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Jeff McCasland, a former National Security Council officer, wrote in an edition of the NBC News on Sunday that Trump has demonstrated over the years a “clear form of disrespect to the military.”

Excitement over the September 3 report Atlantic Trump can be supported among service members, who are the mainstay of the Republican Party, which greatly supported him in 2016.

Atlantic News broke that Trump had made derogatory remarks after his visit to an American cemetery was canceled during a trip to France in November 2018, an account that the president denied on Thursday and a “misinformation” on Sunday.

“They will tell anything like the recent lies about me and the military, hoping it will stick,” he tweeted, referring to the media and the Democrats, who nominate Joe Biden for the presidency in November.

Atlantic It is in support of its statement that four unnamed persons were directly aware of the matter and later confirmed by several media outlets.

On Sunday, Bloomberg reported that Trump had chosen to send artwork from the US ambassador’s residence to the White House for extra free time in Paris. The White House did not respond to a request for comment on the Bloomberg report.

Former Vice President Biden, whose late son Pew served in Iraq, caused a stir on Sunday, highlighting his own record of military support with an advertisement targeting areas with the largest numbers of military personnel in war-torn states.

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A spokesman told Reuters on Sunday that the ad would be broadcast nationwide on cable television news programs, Facebook and Instagram on Sunday night as part of a $ 47 million ($ 64 million) campaign.

A major Republican support group opposing Trump’s re-election released a new video on Saturday of the Lincoln program attacking the president’s comments and the broad record of the military. Trump never served, avoiding the draft for the Vietnam War citing bone holes in his leg.

“He’s a draft-cheater, he despises the men and women he leads. He insults death and wounds with contempt,” it said.

Trump has repeatedly stated the costs of his administration to withdraw US troops from conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan, and from friendly countries such as Germany.


Most recently, he said he was blocking the Pentagon’s plan to cut military health care to $ 2.2 billion and modify its plan to shut down the stars and stripes military newspaper.

Nevertheless, a Military Times A poll of nearly 1,000 active-duty service members from late July to early August was released last week, and before recent reports, Biden showed little interest in declining military support for Trump.

As the controversy escalates in recent days, many top executives, including US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, have rallied for Trump’s defense.

On Sunday, Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie told CNN Union State He never heard the President insult the military or the soldiers. Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin told reporters at the White House that Trump supported the military “100 percent.”


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