Index – Abroad – Justin Trudeau waited in vain to apologize to Pope Francis

Index - Abroad - Justin Trudeau waited in vain to apologize to Pope Francis

MDI reports that he called for reconciliation between Canadian political and Catholic church leaders Pope Francis following the discovery of the terrestrial remains of 215 indigenous children based on a former residential Catholic school in Canada.

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No appointment was made for the conduct of the church,

Many in Canada have demanded.

The facility, maintained by the Catholic Church near the small town of Kamloops, opened a hundred years ago with the aim of forcing indigenous children to integrate into European immigrant society.

The children died at the hands of the boarding school administration Not documented, Their disappearance was reported to authorities by members of the tribal community.

The Catholic Archbishop in St. Peter’s Square called for a “commitment to co-operate” with the inquiry into the case. Pope Francis expressed his condolences on “the Canadian people who were shocked by this shocking news”.

From 1831 until recently, until 1996, the Catholic Church ran residential schools in Canada. The remains of children were unearthed in the small town of Kamloops, where the Native American residential company operated until 1978.

When the residential church institutional system was in place in Canada, a total of 150,000 tribal children were separated from their families.

Many of them were abused, abused, sexually exploited, and many were malnourished. Two days ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Catholic Church should be held accountable for the cause of former boarding schools.

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