Results of the 2020 Italian Grand Prix

Results of the 2020 Italian Grand Prix

Pierre Casley Became Formula 1 race-winner in a fairy tale ending in a frenzied Italian Grand Prix, it’s not just shocking

Our results of a race in Monza are undoubtedly the highlight of the 2020 season here.

Pierre Casley Italian Grand Prix

Pierre Casley is the biggest story of the stage

After being demoted by Red Bull and quickly losing his close friend Antoine Hubert, his return to claim his first podium at the end of last season is an incredible story. However, Pierre Casley has added an even more shocking chapter in 2020.

It was already a successful season for Casley. Prior to this weekend, he was one of its most impressive drivers, consistently pulling out of his car and demanding the last driver of the day at the spa.

After a strong qualifying session he created Q3, he was fine to add more points to his tally, but he would never have dreamed of picking up 25 and a P1 trophy.

Admittedly, a lot of luck led him to race, but as the saying goes, preparation is only luck when the opportunity arises, and the boy he was ready for.

Carlos Science was in the fast car, but Casley managed his pace properly and kept the gap adequate. Fewer drivers would have crashed when going one lap within the Frenchman’s DRS range, but the Albatross man kept his cool under the immense pressure of being the first man in his country to win a race in the 21st century.

Considering all the obstacles he has removed, his 2020 performances, and he is just 24 years old, he is now one of the most attractive drivers on stage for other teams. One of the adults, whether it’s Red Bull or another, can expect him to add to his numbers when given a shot.

McLaren is back at big time

After the race, there was a disappointing feeling around McLaren Garage came very close to ending their eight-year wait for success, but in the end it got shorter.

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Nevertheless, they finished the Grand Prix in B2 and B4, after all, they could have ended up there even without the safety cars and the red flag, given how strong their speed is.

Both Science and Lando Norris initially overtook the Valteri Botas, which was conveniently kept there before the chaos, showing better speed than every non-Mercedes car.

The same situation prevailed again when the race was restarted. Both did the quick work of Kimi Raikkonen before science departed from Racing Point of Lance Stroll, and Norris was ahead of Bodas, never under too much pressure.

The result put the British team on the edge of 100 points and provided a comfortable cushion for the B4 in the Constructors’ Championship.

They’re in the right place, with a Mercedes engine and Daniel Ricciardo next season, and it won’t be long before they finally return to the top of the stage.

Mercedes man above all

After qualifying, it seemed that nothing could stop Mercedes this season. Even though their party system was banned, they were ready to easily bout the front row and continue their dominance. They don’t, they only blame themselves.

The race did not come to a great start for the German team as Botas badly dropped from the line and dropped the line. However, Lewis Hamilton The front holds a more comfortable front, which should have been there until the last.

It is true that it was not the team’s fault that he did not see the screens claiming that the pit path was closed, but they should have informed him. Even if they have not been told yet, they should be aware of the danger and maybe keep him out. As for how fast he was in the other fields, they didn’t need to pit him immediately anyway.

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Eventually they both lead the championship in some way, and in December, maybe even in November this error doesn’t count much when they both lift. Still, these can’t get into the habit of making mistakes. They will not always be ahead of the rest of the field. We hope so.

Alex Alp-on Thin Snow

When Casey sprayed the champagne, the Red Bull packed and left Monza without a dot to their name. Verstappen suffered a mechanical problem, but Alex Alban There is no such excuse.

He was unfortunate to get into trouble with Casley in the opening lap and the resulting damage to the ground, but Romain Grosjean moved on a lap and then fined him for seeming silly, unnecessary and somewhat hopeless.

Such frustration is completely understandable. As he struggled and Casley excelled, criticism of the Thai driver continued to grow throughout the season.

Gossips about him and the relocation of Casley will undoubtedly be even louder after the post-victory, and Alban should have done better if he wanted to silence them.

The Red Bull may seem more comfortable on the P2, but it won’t be like that again next season, especially since the McLaren gets a Mercedes engine. To make sure they are ahead, Verstappen needs someone who can trust the team to pick up points when they can’t.

Alban is simply not like that man. As Casley does, it’s hard and hard to imagine that Helmut Marco would never play musical chairs again.

Ferrari has no confidence in the home turf

The Ferrari At Monza, the Italian national anthem will be played on stage and if they had been told it would not be there the camp would have been disappointed at the start of the season. If they were told they would fail to get a point, they would have found it hard to believe.

In seven races, they went to Monza knowing it was a real possibility, but hoped that some confusion would give them a few chances.

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The chaos has really come, but the red car is in no favor. Vettel had already retired with brake failure, while Leklerk failed to control the badly tough car.

Next up is their 1000th race in the F1, on a track they own, which could not have come at a bad time. Nothing says their speed will be better there, and they hope to be able to bring it to the finish line.

It all says that they would have preferred to beat Mercedes today more than Albatross. The Red Bulls’ sister team is now 14 points behind Ferrari, and it looks like they will soon take the P6 from them. Uncle Mia.

Give us the reverse phases

Pierre Casley

Following the red flag resume we came to see the reverse phase in F1, which was bloody brilliant.

It had it all. Lewis Hamilton shows past abilities, which we rarely see these days; New faces on the front fight it out in equally matched cars; Kimi R்கikknen actually engages in wheel battles from meaningless wheel again.

The main argument of the game against changing the traditional design is “if it is not broken, do not fix it”, but when two safety cars and a red flag are needed to produce the first exciting racing weekend in a month or more, it seems very broken.

Teams can’t do much about dull racing until they catch a Mercedes, but using reverse phase sprint races to determine the order is something that will make Saturdays significantly better.

No one said they should become a permanent component used every racing weekend, but how exciting it was to start a start with a chaotic domain, at least it didn’t seem like a brain to try.

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