There are 107 new COVID-19 related deaths and 2,795 new cases in Florida

There are 107 new COVID-19 related deaths and 2,795 new cases in Florida

Orlando, Pla. – The Florida Department of Health announced 2,795 new corona virus cases in the state on Saturday. The number of new cases of respiratory disease since the epidemic was first diagnosed in Florida in March brings the state total to 698,682.

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The Florida Department of Health reported 107 new deaths on Saturday.

Florida’s COVID-19 death toll now stands at 14,190, of which 168 residents have died in the state.

Data on COVID-19-related deaths are often delayed, and health officials say it could take up to two weeks for new deaths to be reported.

As stated in it Institute for Health ManagementAs of Friday morning, a total of 2,115 patients had been admitted to hospitals across the state with COVID-19.

The state’s total number of people hospitalized at one point in the past six months due to the virus has risen to 43,469.

The state’s overall positive rate for all tests was 13.35% on Friday. Health officials believe the daily rate should be less than 10% to measure local precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization advises that communities can reopen when the overall health rate is kept at 5% or less.

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Three things to know by September 26th.

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  • What happens in Phase 3 ?: The third phase of reopening the state after extensive and continuous corona virus closures involves what many call the “new nature” and the further deregulation. While the second phase is underway, we do not know when the third and final phase will begin, but we do have some details on what will be outlined in the government’s Ron Desantis’ reopening plan. Want to see what stage 3 looks like? Click or tap here.
  • Restaurant owners react: Restaurant owners in central Florida welcome News 6’s order from Ron Desantis to increase their capacity. Brad Plummer, owner of the district restaurant, said it has been six months long since the plate, and barrel, and is ready to take over the business. Plummer said the executive order was a step in the right direction. By clicking or tapping what other restaurants have to say about Phase 3.
  • Florida moves to phase 3: Florida is moving to the third and final phase of its reopening plan, which will take effect immediately, Gov. Ron Desandis announced Friday. Kad Ravi at Desantis restaurants, pointing out that the limits will be raised soon and on Friday, he made the move official. He is implementing a measure that bans local governments from anything less than 50%. At the statewide level, there will be no capacity restrictions. For more information about Phase 3, click here or tap.

The breakdown of lawsuits in Central Florida counties is below.

County Cases New cases Hospitalization New hospitals Casualties New deaths
Forward 8,800 72 791 5 293 2
The flag bearer 1,722 7 140 0 23 0
Lake 7,444 24 567 9 189 1
Marion 9,668 42 935 6 282 8
Orange 39,875 158 1,331 7 445 1
Osiola 12,395 41 635 5 145 0
Polk 19,765 118 2,059 8 529 3
Seminol 8,972 26 646 2 208 1
Summer 2,217 7 250 0 67 1
Volosia 10,789 51 803 3 239 0

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