Coronavirus Australia live news: Auckland, New Zealand enters day two of lockdown as authorities scramble to detect cases

Coronavirus Australia live news: Auckland, New Zealand enters day two of lockdown as authorities scramble to detect cases

A leading New Zealand public health expert says Auckland is ramping up its testing and contract tracing, as the city enters day two of Level 3 lockdown. Follow live.

Follow today’s events as they unfold.

Live updates

By Sophie Meixner

West Australians could be becoming complacent, study finds



New data suggests West Australians are becoming less compliant with physical distancing, hand washing and other behaviours aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus.


A national real-time tracking survey by researchers from Monash University found the proportion of West Australians who say they are “always” physical distancing in public has fallen from 61 per cent in April to 38 per cent in early July. 


There’s also been a drop in the proportion of people who say they are “always” thoroughly handwashing.


Lead researcher Peter Slattery says the results are likely a reflection of the low number of cases in WA.


“I really think Western Australia should look at what has happened in places like Victoria to see just how easily a second wave can emerge and surge and that should remain salient [of the risks],” he said.

By Sophie Meixner

NZ election shouldn’t be delayed, Deputy PM says



New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister is accusing the country’s opposition of trying to politicise the latest coronavirus outbreak, in calling for next month’s election to be delayed.


Auckland is in the middle of a three day lockdown, with five new positive cases detected in New Zealand’s largest city.


The infections were appeared after more than 100 days of the country recording no new COVID-19 infections.


Kiwis are due to go to the polls on September 19, and Winston Peters has told Channel Nine the date is becoming something of a political controversy.


“The Opposition is screaming out for it to be delayed,” he said.


“They’re making other statements. The truth of the matter is — I think to be fair, the politicians need to butt out in this context. It’s not about politics, it’s not even about the election now. It’s about the health of New Zealanders.”

By Sophie Meixner

Who’s up at the coronavirus response inquiry today?

What’s happening with the parliamentary inquiry in VIC?

-Rise n Shine


Listed to front the parliamentary inquiry today are Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan, Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp, and a few representatives from different industries.

By Sophie Meixner

First day of permitted travel for stranded ACT residents 

ABC News


Canberrans stranded on the other side of the Murray will today begin their commute home.



It took the ACT and New South Wales governments six days to end the impasse and agree on a transit plan.


The residents will have four days to get home and can only travel between 9am and 3pm. 


One of those left in limbo at the New South Wales border is Anne Cahill Lambert, whose husband has been working as a locum doctor at a hospital in Victoria’s north-west. She says she’s glad to be coming home.


“We go into isolation but we’ll be sleeping in our beds,” she said.


She says she’s appalled at how the New South Wales Government handled the situation.


“Such a ridiculous way of managing it,” she said.

By Sophie Meixner

Key Event

Auckland ramps up testing on Day 2 of lockdown


On Monday New Zealand’s Prime Minister announced a Stage 3 lockdown for Auckland. 


Michael Baker, Professor of Public Health at the University of Otago, says authorities are working quickly to establish the close contacts of the family. 


“That’s the big goal over the next couple of days, for this family and the people they worked with and had contact with and also a huge amount of testing across the Auckland region,” he said.


There are queues right around the block of people turning up to be tested. 


“I think quite a bit of [compliance] comes down to a very clear goal nationally to get rid of the virus, so we’ve had elimination always as a goal that’s been embraced by New Zealanders and all of our political leaders in Parliament.”

By Sophie Meixner

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