Googles Find My Device network is launching soon

Google and Apple Join Forces to Combat Unwanted Tracking with Find My Device Network

In a move to address unwanted tracking through AirTags and other trackers, tech giants Google and Apple teamed up last year to implement protections for users. Google recently rolled out unwanted tracker alerts to devices running Android 6.0 and later, while also holding back the rollout of its Find My Device network until Apple implements similar protections in iOS.

However, Google has sent out emails to some Android users announcing the imminent launch of the Find My Device network. The email stated that the network will be launching in a matter of days, with a specific mention of “in three days”, potentially pointing to a launch date of this Sunday or next Monday, on April 8.

The Find My Device network will allow users to locate devices even if they are offline, as well as find compatible accessories such as earbuds, headphones, and trackers. Users will also have the option to opt out of the tracking network’s capabilities through Find My Device on the web.

The impromptu rollout by Google may have been prompted by Apple’s expected release of iOS 17.5, which reportedly includes the required unwanted tracking protections discussed between the two companies in 2023. The launch timeline from Google suggests that iOS 17.5 will be released next Monday, indicating that all pieces are nearly in place for the Find My Device network launch.

With both Google and Apple working together to address unwanted tracking, users can look forward to enhanced privacy and security when using tracking devices. Stay tuned for more updates as the Find My Device network officially launches in the coming days.

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