With 95% positive reviews on Steam, this game of the year is on sale for a few days!

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Sales Steam Just because it’s over doesn’t mean the site can’t deliver to you Sacred promotions ! Indeed, despite being limited in number, the deals on Steam never stop and this is the case of this much-loved game, which won over critics and won the title. Game of the year.

Two for 16 euros, the best game of the year!

It takes two A game we should have thought to see on the top step of the platform, yet! With more than ten million copies sold, this very specific cooperative game, but above all a very well-finished, near-collectible 111,000 reviews on Steamfrom which 95% positive !

Embark on the epic journey of your life in It Takes Two, a genre-changing platformer/adventure game created exclusively for co-op. Thanks to Friend Pass, invite a friend for free to take on countless deliciously disruptive challenges with you. Play as Cody and May, a couple on the verge of breaking up who are magically turned into dolls. Trapped in a fantastical universe where the unpredictable awaits at every turn, they must try together to save their broken relationship.

However you choose to find solutions Riddles Whether you’re more of the type to destroy your second player’s life as quickly as possible, or try harder on them Mini games With fun spread across levels, It Takes Two offers a complete adventure for a purely co-op game.

No solo, it takes two but one game Second person is free.

If you have someone to play with, don’t hesitate a minute, you know it takes two. Test your friendship But above all will create the most fun situations that have already convinced millions of players! Between elegant graphics, sweet music and good humor, a new ad not to be missed!

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