Analysis of Israels continuous attacks in Syria

Israel Launches Deadly Strikes on Syria, Promising More Attacks

In a recent escalation of tensions in the Middle East, Israel has carried out two of its largest and deadliest strikes on Syria in the past week. The Israeli military launched air strikes on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, killing senior military commanders and escalating the conflict between the two countries.

Tehran has vowed to retaliate, sparking concerns of further violence in the region. Experts warn that Iran has a range of options at its disposal, with potential wide-ranging ramifications.

Israel has been targeting Syria for more than a decade, taking advantage of the country’s chaos following its civil war. The attacks have intensified since 2017, focusing on the growing Iranian and Hezbollah presence in Syria.

Israeli fighter jets often use the occupied Golan Heights to launch attacks on Syria and Lebanon. The recent strikes have significantly increased in frequency and intensity, with Monday’s air strike levelling the building of the Iranian consulate in Damascus and killing seven members of the IRGC.

Additionally, the Israeli military launched massive strikes in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo, resulting in the death of at least 40 people. The ramped-up air attacks are expected to continue, with no immediate signs of stopping.

Tehran is now under pressure to respond to the latest Israeli attack. Potential Iranian retaliations may include hitting an Israeli-linked ship, launching attacks in Iraq’s Kurdish region, or targeting Israeli diplomatic missions abroad.

However, there are limits to how much damage Iran can do to Israel without risking a wider conflict. The Israeli escalation may make it difficult for Tehran to refrain from more serious retaliation, potentially forcing Iran to defend the credibility of its deterrence posture.

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