Double Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Today from the Cape: All You Need to Know

Today is an exciting day for space enthusiasts as SpaceX is set to launch a doubleheader of Falcon 9 missions. The first launch will be of the Eutelsat36D satellite, which will provide services for Africa and Eurasia. This launch is scheduled for 5:52 p.m. from Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A. The Falcon 9 booster will then land on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean to avoid sonic booms.

Following this, at 9:02 p.m., SpaceX will launch 23 Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral Space Force Launch Complex 40. This doubleheader was made possible due to a delay in the Delta IV Heavy launch, allowing SpaceX to take advantage of the opportunity.

The first launch window will extend until 10 p.m. today, with backup opportunities available on Sunday if needed. The weather forecast for today’s launches is ideal, with less than a 5 percent chance of conditions preventing liftoff.

For those unable to witness the launches in person, live coverage updates will be provided by Florida Today’s Space Team. For more information, contact Space Reporter Brooke Edwards at [email protected]. Stay tuned for updates on these historic SpaceX launches.

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