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Spring Allergy Season Hits US Early and Strong

Allergy season has arrived early and stronger than expected in the US, with over 80 million Americans already experiencing symptoms. Experts are attributing this to high pollen counts, which have been recorded early this year, with tree pollen reaching moderate levels as early as mid-February.

Climate change is believed to be a major factor in the longer and more intense allergy season this year. With longer seasons, experts are predicting a challenging time for allergy sufferers throughout the country.

According to recent reports, the top five most challenging cities for allergies this year are Wichita, Virginia Beach, Greenville, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. These cities are experiencing higher levels of pollen, making it especially difficult for those with allergies to go about their daily lives.

There are three main types of pollen that cause seasonal allergies: tree pollen in early spring, grass pollen later in the spring, and weed pollen in late summer and fall. To combat these allergies, experts recommend using pollen trackers to plan activities and avoid exposure. This includes keeping windows closed, avoiding peak pollen times, and changing clothes upon returning home.

For those suffering from allergy symptoms, there are various methods to find relief. Over-the-counter nasal sprays, antihistamines, and immunotherapies like shots and oral drops are all recommended for long-term relief.

As allergy season continues to ramp up across the country, it is important for those affected to take necessary precautions and seek relief to alleviate their symptoms.

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