New Title: Epic Games Introduces 12% Fee for App Sales from Alternative iPhone Store

Epic Games to Introduce Epic Games Store on iPhone in European Union

In an exciting announcement, Epic Games revealed that they will be launching their Epic Games Store on the iPhone in the European Union in February. At the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC), the company shared additional details about their store debut and the fees involved for apps distributed through their marketplace.

One key highlight is that Epic Games will only charge a 12 percent share of revenue for games distributed via their store, mirroring the rate on Windows and Mac. Additionally, apps will retain 100 percent of revenue for the first six months, and there will be no fees for in-app purchases when using their own payment processing system.

However, it was also disclosed that any game on the Epic Games Store will be required to pay Epic’s 12 percent fee along with Apple’s 0.50 euro Core Technology Fee for each “first annual” install after the one million mark. This news comes as Apple has updated their business terms in the EU to charge a commission ranging from 10 to 17 percent for apps distributed through the App Store.

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, has been vocal in his criticism of Apple’s fees, labeling them as “Malicious Compliance”. He has expressed his determination to continue advocating against these charges. The Epic Games Store is set to debut on the iPhone in the European Union before the end of 2024, although it will not be accessible in the United States and other regions. With these developments, the future of app distribution on iPhone devices is set to undergo significant changes that will surely impact developers and consumers alike.

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