Discover How to View the Rare Devil Comet in Milwaukee in March and April 2024

For the first time in 71 years, a 10-mile-wide comet known as the “Devil Comet” will be visible in Wisconsin. Officially named Comet 12/P Pons-Brooks, this celestial phenomenon is renowned for its unique appearance resembling devil horns.

The Devil Comet is set to reach its perihelion, the point in its orbit closest to the sun, on Sunday, April 21st. This Halley-type comet orbits the sun once every 71 years and is composed of dust and ice, giving it its characteristic long, streaming tails.

As the comet gets closer to the sun, it is more likely to become visible to the naked eye due to flare-ups. Residents of Milwaukee have already had the opportunity to view the Devil Comet from mid-March to mid-April, using binoculars or telescopes to catch a glimpse. The optimal viewing direction from Milwaukee is south and to the left of Jupiter after sunset.

While the Devil Comet will not be visible during the upcoming partial solar eclipse in Wisconsin, those interested in celestial events can look forward to observing this rare phenomenon. The closest major city on the path of totality for the eclipse is Indianapolis, approximately a four-hour drive from Milwaukee.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the Devil Comet in the Wisconsin skies – mark your calendars for April 21st and keep your eyes peeled for this extraordinary celestial spectacle.

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