Science reveals what a perfect body really looks like, check out these photos

© Science reveals what a perfect body really looks like, admire these photos

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In many areas, universities conduct research that is widely reported in journals. What we want to talk to you about today is concern Women’s body. In fact, scientists have tried to determine the ideal body measurements from the point of view of men.

Scientists tried to determine the perfect female body compared to men

What this study says is surprising. Especially since today, we continue to condemn this thin culture. Thus, what is called Positive body It gradually settles into our lives. It involves accepting your body as it is and visualizing it.

According to this trend, there is no perfect body. So we must stop wanting to change it at any cost and learn to love it.

Recently, the English newspaper “The Mirror” wanted to bring together the results of several studies carried out on the subject. The result of this research: the perfect body Approaching an English model. Kelly Brook charms all the men with her generous curves. Rather than following diets, the young woman makes sure to eat normally without any specific restrictions.

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Kelly Brook has perfect measurements

This perfect body, unlike men, does not wear a size 36. According to various studies carried out, these men prefer Generous shapes. For Kelly Brook, she found that women in the 50s were more beautiful than today. It is from these silhouettes that she draws her inspiration. She added that her face and body were given to her by her mother and did not want to change them in any way. Anyway, this is what she told “Cosmopolitan” magazine.

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So this actress and model has perfect body according to researchers. In addition to generous shapes, men appreciate long chestnut hair. Another defining characteristic: Kelly Brook has a baby face and big brown eyes.

All flavors are natural

While studying the characteristics of the perfect body, Polish and American scientists interviewed men. Their responses revealed their preferences to be 1/3 smaller than waist circumference. As for the height, it will be 1.73 m. That means the average height of French women today is 1.63m.

Science reveals what a perfect body really looks like, check out these photos
Science reveals what a perfect body really looks like, check out these photos

As serious as they are, these studies only reveal averages. In other words, they are cannot lead to a definitive conclusion. In fact, everyone has different tastes. Some men prefer very skinny women, while others prefer voluptuous women. The same goes for hair color, height and other physical criteria.

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In other words, everyone imagines the perfect body according to their preferences. That’s good, all women are different!

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