Expert examines Meghan Markles possible conflict over Kate Middletons stress as palace is revealed to be a disaster

Meghan Markle’s feelings about the recent Kate Middleton drama are complex, according to royal expert Christopher Andersen. While Meghan may feel sympathetic towards Kate, who is dealing with a serious medical issue, she may also feel justified in her past criticisms of the palace’s handling of health issues.

Andersen points out that Meghan and Harry have openly criticized the royal institution for its handling of similar situations in the past. The ongoing secrecy surrounding Middleton’s condition has only added to the public distrust of the monarchy, he suggests.

Recently, Middleton released a heavily edited photo with her children, leading to speculation about her actual whereabouts. The palace’s refusal to release the original image has fueled conspiracy theories about Middleton’s health.

Despite their past issues with the palace, Meghan and Harry have reportedly sent Middleton “get well” messages. Andersen notes that Meghan’s distrust of the palace power brokers echoes Princess Diana’s feelings, and now even Kate is facing challenges with palace intrigue and an inept press office.

Overall, the situation highlights the ongoing tensions within the royal family and the public’s scrutiny of their actions. Meghan’s perspective on the latest drama may shed light on the complexities of life within the royal institution and the difficulties faced by its members.

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