Boeing Urges Airlines to Inspect 787 Cockpit Seats After Latam Incident

Boeing Urges Airlines to Check Cockpit Seats on 787 Dreamliner Planes

In a recent safety advisory, Boeing has instructed airlines to inspect the cockpit seats on its 787 Dreamliner planes. This comes following an incident involving a Latam Airlines flight to Auckland, which experienced a sudden drop in altitude and resulted in injuries to passengers.

The incident, believed to have been caused by a flight attendant accidentally triggering a switch on a seat that affected the pilot’s controls, is currently under investigation by aviation regulators. The Wall Street Journal reported that findings have not yet been released.

Boeing has directed airlines to a 2017 safety memo regarding the inspection and maintenance of switches on flight deck seats. The company stated that the investigation into Flight LA800 is ongoing and recommended operators to conduct inspections at the next maintenance opportunity.

The safety of passengers and crew is of utmost importance, and Boeing is working closely with regulators to determine the cause of the incident and prevent similar occurrences in the future. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story on Press Stories.

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