Large container ship Suez Canal – economy – stops navigation in Arab and international

Large container ship Suez Canal - economy - stops navigation in Arab and international

A large stranded ship anchored in the Suez Canal today, which had an impact on global trade as authorities prevented ships from entering the waterway and a rescue agency expected the ship to be released in weeks.
The “Ever Jeffen” ship now leads in both directions on the channel connecting Asia and Europe, and is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world for goods, oil, grains and other products.
Today, the Suez Canal Authority said it had suspended voyages on the canal, and yesterday, for the third day in a row, attempts to float the ship continued, and eight tugboats are working to adjust its position, after it was accidentally suspended in the south, allowing the canal to move in one direction, Tuesday Due to dust storm.

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The authority added in a statement, “The country is going through a dust storm as the shipwreck is not likely to appear mainly due to bad weather. This led to the loss of the ship’s ability to steer and then its loss.
Peter Berdowski, chief executive of the Dutch company Boscalis, which is trying to float the ship, said: “It is too early to determine how long this work will take.” Depending on the situation, we can not rule out the possibility of weeks, “Berdowski said on a Dutch television program. Both sides have been elevated, “Bertowski added.

A large whale
“It’s like a big whale stranded on a beach,” he said. It is the heaviest weight in the sand. “In addition to dugouts and sand excavation we will have to connect (in our mission) to reduce the weight by carrying containers, oil and water from the ship.”
Dozens of ships, including other large container vessels, oil and gas tankers and ships carrying grain, converge on both ends of the canal, creating one of the worst shipwrecks in years.
The Suez Canal Authority had allowed some ships to enter the canal in hopes of freeing the ship, but it has now temporarily halted navigation traffic.

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Rescue operations
The Suez Canal Authority said in a statement: “Current rescue operations are being carried out by the Authority’s operating department and 8 engines, particularly the locomotive (Parago 1) with a torque of 160 tons, both driven on both sides of the ship to reduce the load on the ship and to initiate navigation in the canal.
The authority added: “The canal navigation movement crossed 13 ships from Port Said into the northern ship yesterday, which was intended to end its march on the canal, but as the ship’s floating missions continued it was necessary to wait in the Great Lakes region to adapt to alternative circumstances and resume navigation after the ship floated Until, God willing. ”

About 30% of the world’s container traffic passes through the 193 km long Suez Canal daily, and about 12% of all world trade goes to all goods.
Shipping experts say that if the congestion on the canal is not resolved within 24 to 48 hours, some shipping companies may be forced to divert their ships to the Cape of Good Hope around South Africa, which will take about a week to complete.

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