Delivering Humanitarian Aid to Gaza: The Story of Charity Ship Open Arms

The ship Opens Arms set sail from Cyprus on October 12, carrying 200 tonnes of much-needed food supplies for the people of Gaza. This mission is part of a maritime aid corridor established by Cyprus with the support of the EU, UK, and US.

Charities leading the effort to provide aid to Gaza felt a sense of urgency due to the humanitarian crisis in the region. Instead of waiting for the completion of a pier by the US military for aid delivery, they decided to take immediate action.

The food supplies already on their way to Gaza are bringing hope to the people who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ship. Aid agencies have warned of a looming famine in Gaza, as Israel has imposed a near-total blockade on the territory.

The European Commission President has announced that this is the first time a ship has been authorized to deliver aid directly to Gaza since 2005. The aid corridor has received approval from Israel, and construction of a pier in Gaza is currently underway.

The US Navy has departed with equipment for pier construction, which is expected to provide over two million meals per day to the citizens of Gaza. In addition, Open Arms is preparing a second humanitarian aid ship with a larger cargo from Cyprus.

However, the UN believes that sending aid by sea and increasing airdrops cannot fully replace the need for access to Gaza by road. A recent airdrop over Gaza resulted in casualties, with multiple countries conducting aid drops in the territory.

As the situation in Gaza remains dire, the efforts to provide humanitarian aid by sea and air are crucial in alleviating the suffering of the people in the region.

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