Apple blocks Fortnite app in EU amidst escalating feud with Epic Games

Title: Apple Blocks Epic Games from Launching Online Marketplace on iPhones and iPads in Europe

In a recent development, Apple has prevented Epic Games from launching its own online marketplace on iPhones and iPads in Europe. This move comes as the ongoing legal battle between the tech giant and the gaming company continues to unfold.

The dispute between Apple and Epic Games dates back to 2020 when Epic Games challenged Apple’s 30% commission on in-app payments. European lawmakers have since stepped in, enforcing the Digital Markets Act, which mandates that Apple allow third-party marketplaces. This regulation is set to take effect this week.

Brussels antitrust regulators have fined Apple a hefty 1.84 billion euros for impeding competition from music streaming rivals. In response, Epic Games sought to leverage the DMA to launch their marketplace, only to have their developer account terminated by Apple in Sweden for alleged breaches of their developer agreements.

Apple defended their actions, citing Epic Games’ violations and asserting their authority to manage developer accounts. Epic Games, on the other hand, accused Apple of violating the DMA and stifling competition on iOS devices.

Ahead of a March 7 deadline to comply with the DMA, Apple has proposed changes that include allowing alternative app stores on iPhones and giving users the option to opt-out of using in-app payments. The outcome of this ongoing legal battle remains uncertain, but the implications could have far-reaching consequences for the tech industry. Stay tuned as the story unfolds on Press Stories.

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