YouTube TV is not cheap. Subscribers get a lot of channels for money, at least, now it seems they can get more than they bargained for. Google began sending emails to some current users requesting a free Chromecast with Google TV – but soon, because the offer expires later this month.

If the offer is requested by December 31st, the email states that they are eligible for the free Chromecast (in white). Although last time we included such an agreement, it was only available for brand new YTTV accounts, this time it is specifically for installed users: to be eligible you must be a subscriber from the beginning of June, 2018, without any suspensions or cancellations now.

Email some current YouTube TV subscribers here.

The new Chromecast brings the Google TV interface with it. We think this is one of the best ways to enjoy entertainment on your TV, so YouTube TV subscribers are a real treat, especially on the device in general. Selling for 49.99, it’s like finding an unclaimed $ 50 bill lying on the ground.

If you make money on YouTube TV every month, you may want to double check your inbox – you may have a short email from Google waiting for you.

Added new details about eligibility.

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