Stories of Ukraine sinks Russian Black Sea patrol ship near Crimea

In a recent development off the coast of occupied Crimea, Ukraine claims to have sunk a Russian patrol ship, the Sergey Kotov, using high-tech sea drones in the Black Sea. This marks another victory for Ukraine over Kremlin’s forces in the region.

The attack, captured in a video released by Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, targeted the patrol ship near the Kerch Strait. The ship, which can carry cruise missiles and has a crew of about 60 members, was reportedly blown up during the attack. The extent of damage and the fate of the crew remain unconfirmed.

During the attack, traffic on the nearby Kerch Bridge was temporarily suspended. This incident follows previous successful attacks by Ukraine on Russian naval forces in the Black Sea, including sinking the flagship Moskva and the Caesar Kunikov landing ship.

Despite facing recent losses on the ground, Ukraine has managed to target Russian naval forces effectively. However, Russia has not officially acknowledged the sinking of the Sergey Kotov patrol ship. The vessel, launched in 2021, was reportedly destroyed in the attack.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s chief of staff referred to the Russian Black Sea Fleet as a “symbol of occupation” that does not belong in Crimea. The incident adds to the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, with Ukraine continuing to push back against Russian presence in the region.

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