Legal Tech Industry Confronts #MeToo Movement

Women in the legal tech industry attending this year’s Legalweek conference have reported incidents of sexual harassment and assault during the event and related activities. One Microsoft director, Stefanie Bier, shared a disturbing account of a man putting a knife to her colleague’s throat after she asked him to leave her alone.

These reports have shed light on a wider issue of predatory behavior within the legal tech industry, particularly at events like Legalweek. Industry professionals, including Sara Lord and Shimmy Messing, have compared the atmosphere at Legalweek to events like Coachella, known for its party-centric environment.

In response to these allegations, ALM, the organizer of Legalweek, has issued a statement condemning inappropriate behavior and vowing zero tolerance towards harassment. Calls have been made for changes to limit alcohol consumption at events and increase security measures to prevent further incidents.

Women in eDiscovery, a nonprofit organization, has also announced initiatives to combat harassment at events and in workplaces within the industry. Additionally, the SPLASH Pledge campaign is urging companies to address sexual harassment at conferences.

ALM has made changes to registration and exhibitor terms, and has plans to launch an app for anonymous reporting of harassment incidents. Bier and other industry professionals are hopeful for cultural change within the legal tech industry regarding harassment and misconduct, emphasizing the need for stronger measures to address these issues.

As the legal tech industry grapples with these issues, it is clear that there is a growing movement towards creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all professionals in the field.

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