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Varda Space’s Private Capsule Successfully Completes First Mission

Varda Space, a company aiming to revolutionize in-space manufacturing, achieved a major milestone with the successful completion of its first mission, called W-1, on February 21. The private space capsule carried space-grown crystals of the antiviral drug Ritonavir and landed at the Utah Test and Training Range west of Salt Lake City.

The mission, which launched in June 2023 atop a Falcon 9 rocket as part of SpaceX’s Transporter-8 rideshare mission, marks a significant step forward for Varda in utilizing the unique microgravity environment of low Earth orbit. Spectacular footage of the capsule’s reentry to Earth’s atmosphere was posted on Varda’s YouTube channel, showcasing the company’s accomplishments.

Despite difficulties in securing reentry and landing approvals, the capsule finally received permission to return last month. It was then transported to Varda’s facilities in Los Angeles for inspection and analysis. Crystals of Ritonavir were successfully grown aboard the capsule during the mission, showcasing the potential for in-space manufacturing.

Data collected during the mission, including information on reaching hypersonic speeds, will be shared with the Air Force and NASA under a contract Varda has with those agencies. With a goal of becoming a major player in the in-space manufacturing industry, Varda is paving the way for innovative advancements in space technology.

The successful completion of the W-1 mission solidifies Varda Space’s position as a trailblazer in the space industry, with high hopes for future missions and advancements in in-space manufacturing.

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