Bears GM Ryan Poles spots similarities between Caleb Williams and Patrick Mahomes

Bears GM Considers USC Star Caleb Williams as Potential No. 1 Pick

In a surprising turn of events, Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Poles is seriously considering USC star Caleb Williams as the potential No. 1 pick at quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft. Poles is reportedly impressed with Williams’ skills and talent, even comparing him to superstar Patrick Mahomes.

Williams, who recently won the Heisman Trophy in 2022, has a strong track record in college and appears to be the favorite for the Bears at No. 1, despite other quarterback prospects in the mix. Poles acknowledges that there are areas for improvement in Williams’ game but sees great potential for success.

One of the key factors in Poles’ decision-making process is Williams’ creativity and big-play ability, which align with the team’s focus on winners rather than specific playing styles. The Bears plan to conduct thorough evaluations of Williams before the draft, including multiple interviews and meetings.

Interestingly, Williams does not have an agent, which could impact contract negotiations in the future. However, Poles remains confident in the team’s infrastructure and addresses speculation about Williams’ concerns with the Bears’ quarterback history.

If the Bears do indeed select Williams as their top pick, it could mean potentially moving on from current quarterback Justin Fields. This decision would undoubtedly shake up the team’s roster and fan base, but Poles seems convinced that Williams could be the game-changer the Bears need. Stay tuned for more updates as the draft approaches.

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