A Willy Wonka-Inspired Experience Turns Into a Police Investigatio

Actors Hired for Themed Event in Glasgow Scammed with AI-Generated Scripts

Actors hired for a themed event in Glasgow, UK were promised £500 but received gibberish and AI-generated scripts, leaving attendees disappointed and frustrated. The event, hosted by the recently incorporated London-based company House of Illuminati, was abruptly cancelled, with promised refunds to attendees.

The event, labeled as Willy’s Chocolate Experience, reportedly led to chaos and disappointment among attendees. People have since expressed concerns about the use of AI-generated content in marketing, questioning the authenticity and integrity of such practices.

Despite suspicions that the event was a sham, actors still tried to entertain children in attendance. The event venue, Box Hub, has offered their location free of charge to host another event for disappointed families.

In response to the dissatisfaction of attendees, a Facebook group called “House of Illuminati scam” has been created to share experiences and seek refunds. Many attendees have voiced their frustration, describing the event as a waste of money and not worth the cost of tickets.

Director Billy Coull of House of Illuminati has reportedly wiped most of his online presence and has not responded to requests for comment, further fueling the controversy surrounding the event. As the fallout continues, the incident has sparked a conversation about the importance of transparency and honesty in the event planning industry.

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