Keke Palmer tells the National Guard ‘March with us’ during a protest in Hollywood

Keke Palmer tells the National Guard 'March with us' during a protest in Hollywood

The actress passionately spoke to several members of the National Guard who were on the scene and asked them to march together protesters and telling them to “be the change” in the fight against racial injustice after the murder of George Floyd.
“We have people here who need your help,” Palmer said in a video Tweeted by NBC News correspondent Gadi Schwartz. “This is when they unite with the community, with society, to stop government oppression. Period. We need them, so march with us.”

She continued: “March with us. March with us. Get your people. March with us. Let the revolution be televised. March with us and show us that you are here for us. Let’s do it. We start to march and you march with us. Make history with us, please. “

A member of the guard offered to walk the group through an intersection, but said they needed to remain at their post.

“March with us, you will send a great message,” said Palmer, “you are the protector. If you are supposed to be on patrol, then walk with us.”

Another protester is heard asking the guards to kneel, and they do so.

Palmer also shared his thoughts on systematic racism in a video posted on Instagram.

“At 26, I’m looking and witnessing a physical revolt, and it’s a revolt on a scale that I wasn’t sure I would ever see. For those who aren’t looking close enough, all they will see is looting, or people who They don’t really care about movement, or anarchy without a movement. But what I see is a society that responds to the oppressor on how the oppressor has responded to us, “Palmer said.

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“Racism is what the country was built on: slavery, systematic oppression, then electoral oppression, female oppression, poor educational system, which is why you are intentionally uninformed, financial oppression,” he continued. “Human beings can only endure so much. Americans need government reform that requires legislation and new laws that give birth to the future for our children. We deserve a new system because the old one was created to oppress us.”

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