Audio and video calls now available to non-Premium subscribers

Title: X Expands Audio and Video Calling Feature to Non-Premium Subscribers

In a move that aims to enhance user experience and connectivity, X is rolling out its audio and video calling feature to all users, not just Premium subscribers. This new development is part of the company’s efforts to make communication more accessible and convenient for all its users.

Previously exclusive to X Premium subscribers, the audio and video calling feature is slowly being made available to non-subscribers. This means that more users will now have the ability to make direct calls to their friends and family within the app.

X Premium, a paid subscription service, offers additional features such as post editing and longer video uploads. However, the audio and video calling feature is now integrated into direct messaging for all users, making it easier to connect with others on the platform.

Similar to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram, users can control who can call them by adjusting their privacy settings within the X app. This allows for a personalized and secure calling experience for each user.

Although the feature initially sparked controversy, users now have the option to turn off calls completely if they prefer not to receive them. To access the audio and video calling feature, users simply need to download the latest version of the X app from the App Store.

Overall, this expansion of the audio and video calling feature is a positive step towards making communication more inclusive and user-friendly on the X platform. Users can now enjoy direct calls with their friends and family, regardless of whether they are Premium subscribers or not.

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