Apple Sports App Launches with Scores and Betting Odds

Apple has taken a major step into the world sports with the launch of their new iPhone app, Apple Sports. The app, which is now available to users, offers a range of features including scores, team stats, betting odds, and more for a variety of major sports leagues.

At the initial launch, the Apple Sports app will cover a wide range of leagues including the NBA, NHL, NCAA, Premier League, MLS, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Liga MX, Ligue 1, and Serie A. However, Apple has announced plans to add even more services post-launch, such as MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NWSL, and WNBA.

One of the most exciting features of the Apple Sports app is its integration with sports streaming services, allowing users to watch games live on Apple TV Plus or other supported platforms. This move comes as part of Apple’s broader strategy to increase its presence in the live sports arena, which also includes the recent launch of MLS Season Pass and broadcasting Friday Night Baseball.

Users can access the Apple Sports app on their iPhones and switch between screens to follow different sports events with ease. This latest development underscores Apple’s commitment to providing users with a comprehensive sports experience, combining real-time updates with live streaming options. Stay tuned for more updates as Apple continues to expand its offerings in the world of sports entertainment.

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