New Apple Support Document Advises Against Putting a Wet iPhone in Rice

Apple Warns Against Putting Waterlogged iPhones in Rice

In a recent support document, Apple has warned against the popular method of putting a waterlogged iPhone in rice to dry out. Despite advice found online, the tech giant cautions that this method could actually cause further damage to the device.

The support document also advises against using external heat sources, compressed air, or inserting foreign objects into the phone’s connector. Instead, Apple recommends patience and gently tapping the iPhone to remove excess liquid. It is then suggested to leave the phone in a dry area with airflow for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge or connect an accessory.

If the phone still isn’t charging after drying out, users are advised to contact Apple support for further assistance. It is important to follow these guidelines to prevent any additional harm to the iPhone.

With the increasing prevalence of water damage incidents, it is essential for iPhone users to be aware of the proper methods for drying out a waterlogged device. By following Apple’s recommendations, users can potentially save their iPhone from permanent damage and avoid costly repairs.

For more information and support on dealing with water damage to iPhones, users can visit Apple’s official website or contact Apple support directly. It is always best to seek guidance from the experts to ensure the safety and functionality of your device.

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