Kenny Smiths comments on Sabrina Ionescu overshadowed a memorable 3-point contest moment

During the recent 3-point contest between Stephen Curry and Sabrina Ionescu at All-Star Saturday, TNT commentator Kenny Smith found himself in hot water for his controversial comments that detracted from the exciting matchup.

Smith’s suggestion that Ionescu should have shot from the women’s 3-point line instead of the NBA 3-point line drew criticism for being out of touch with the moment. Despite Reggie Miller’s attempts to redirect the conversation back to the competition, Smith continued to emphasize shooting from the women’s line, which many saw as demeaning to Ionescu’s decision to compete from NBA range.

Fans and viewers of the event were quick to point out that TNT’s coverage of the contest was overly negative and failed to properly celebrate the moment between Curry and Ionescu. While Smith is a key part of “Inside the NBA,” his comments missed the mark in capturing the excitement and competition of the event.

The 3-point contest was seen as a wonderful moment for basketball, with women’s hoops potentially experiencing a renaissance. However, Smith’s comments overshadowed the great display of talent by both Curry and Ionescu, with many feeling that his remarks were insensitive and detracted from the event as a whole.

Overall, Smith’s comments were criticized for being out of touch with the moment and failing to properly highlight the incredible competition and skill on display during the contest. As fans continue to discuss the event, it is clear that celebrating the talent of both Curry and Ionescu should have been the focus, rather than detracting from their impressive performances.

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