Astonishing Unearthing: Vast Network of Ancient Cities Revealed in the Amazon Rainforest

Archaeologists Unearth Extensive 2,500-Year-Old City Network in the Amazon Rainforest

Ancient cities dating back 2,500 years have been discovered in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, challenging the long-held belief of a pristine, uninhabited wilderness. The settlements were found in the Upano Valley of Amazonian Ecuador and reveal a highly structured urban network.

The astonishing find comes after over two decades of investigations by an international team from France, Germany, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico. The team initially conducted fieldwork before utilizing an advanced remote sensing method called light detection and ranging (lidar) to uncover hidden structures beneath the forest canopy.

The lidar technology revealed an astonishing 6,000 platforms within the surveyed area, mostly rectangular in shape, measuring approximately 20 meters by 10 meters. These platforms, organized around a central, low square plaza, were scattered throughout the network of cities. Additionally, larger monumental complexes with civic or ceremonial functions were identified.

The discoveries also shed light on the intricate planning and engineering skills employed by ancient Amazonian settlers. The structures were connected by pathways and an extensive network of wide, straight roads, some of which had curbs. The cities also featured empty buffer zones between complexes, revealing evidence of sophisticated agricultural practices such as drainage fields and terraces.

Furthermore, the presence of ditches and obstructions suggests potential threats or tensions between different groups. At least 15 clusters of complexes were identified, indicating social and perhaps even political divisions within the ancient society.

The findings challenge conventional views of Indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest as solely semi-nomadic tribes. Instead, they suggest the existence of a highly organized and stratified urban society with advanced engineering capabilities.

Similar sites have been unearthed in other tropical forests across the Americas, further supporting the notion of early urban planning in the region. These recent discoveries offer valuable insights into the complexities of early Amazonian societies and their agricultural and urban planning techniques.

The excavation of these ancient cities is not only rewriting history but also highlighting the need for further exploration and research in the Amazon rainforest. As archaeological discoveries continue to push the boundaries of what we know about our past, we gain a deeper understanding of the rich and diverse cultures that once thrived in this seemingly impenetrable jungle.

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