Press Stories: Introducing a New Device Enabling Tongue-Controlled Scrolling

MouthPad^, a groundbreaking device that enables users to control smartphones using only their tongues, made its impressive debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Developed by Augmental, this retainer-like trackpad chip sits on the roof of the mouth, where it can detect tongue movements and translate them into smartphone commands.

The ultimate goal behind MouthPad^ is to assist individuals living with disabilities, especially those with impaired hand function or paralysis. By allowing them to control their devices through tongue movements, this innovative device opens up a world of possibilities and independence for these individuals.

Connecting to any tablet, phone, or computer through Bluetooth, MouthPad^ provides a seamless user experience. Not only has it piqued the interest of the disability community, but professionals who depend heavily on their hands, such as mechanics and surgeons, have also shown keen interest in this device. Even astronauts, whose dexterity may be limited in microgravity environments, could greatly benefit from MouthPad^.

Developing the working prototype took the Augmental team about two years, and they expect to release the final product later this year. Over the past six months, users have been testing the device, providing valuable feedback that has been overwhelmingly positive.

MouthPad^ boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. It is transparent around the teeth, housing a golden touchpad in the center, which makes direct contact with the tongue. Additionally, it features a force sensor for left and right clicks and a small bump on the side that serves as the Bluetooth antenna and wireless charging battery.

Augmental has ambitious plans for the future of MouthPad^. The company aims to expand its capabilities by potentially adding voice and wheelchair control. By constantly improving the device, Augmental hopes to extend the battery life in future iterations, ensuring that users can rely on MouthPad^ for longer durations.

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In conclusion, the unveiling of MouthPad^ at the Consumer Electronics Show has generated tremendous excitement and anticipation. This revolutionary device, with its tongue-controlled interface, promises to empower individuals with disabilities and revolutionize the way we interact with our smartphones. Augmental’s dedication to enhancing and expanding the technology behind MouthPad^ indicates a bright future for this groundbreaking device.

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