Arcade 1Up reveals Outron as its first driving arcade cabinet

The newly unveiled Arcade cabinet from Arcade 1Up includes a collection of driving games centered on the Sega Classic Out Run.

Outrun is one of the most influential driving arcade games of all time. Created in 1986 by renowned Sega designer and director Yu Suzuki, Outrun has been a staple of classic arcades around the world while inspiring generational arcade driving games. Home Arcade Designers Arcade 1 Up has never played a driving game before, but it’s going to change, and it’s going to be the centerpiece of its first driving arcade cabinet with Outron.

Arcade 1 Up unveiled the all-new Outrone Arcade cabinet in a press release issued on November 4, 2020. The Outron Cabinet is a seating design that is very loyal to the classic Outron style. The cabinet features a 17-inch screen, steering wheel, case pedal and brake design, as well as a set of games including the original Outron, as well as the Turbo Outron, Out Runners and Power Drift. If you want to use your own seat for the cabinet, you can also remove the sitting bench from the system.

The Arcade 1 Up Out Run cabinet has four driving games including a reliable control program, removable bench and Sega Classic.
The Arcade 1 Up Out Run cabinet has four driving games including a reliable control program, removable bench and Sega Classic.

Out run cabinet arcade 1 up are new style boxes in regular styles. We have previously seen the Atari Star Wars trilogy cabinet with its yoke control and Big Buck Hunter cabinet maker effort within distinct regions as the first lightcon game on the arcade 1 up list. The company is working to enter a unique digital board game space with an Infinity game table. Outrone represents Arcade 1 App’s first attempt at driving games, and considering the arcade maker’s interest in classic games such as Ms. Back-Man and Golden Ax may not be the right first choice.

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Arcade 1 Up In Out Run Arcade Cabinet is expected to arrive occasionally in early December. It retails for 99 499.99 Ordered now on the Arcade 1up website. Stay tuned for official release dates and other details soon.

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