Apple warns Chinese tech companies: “Do not ignore usage monitoring rules”

Apple warns Chinese tech companies: "Do not ignore usage monitoring rules"

Apple launches counter-actions against emerging Chinese technology companies, including Bite Dance and Tencent Organizations trying to avoid the upcoming transparency rules Application monitoring with the intention of continuously collecting personal data without user consent.

As it turns out, Starting with iOS 14.5, Will implement the so-called apple Application Monitoring Transparency (ATT) Developers will be required to obtain explicit approval from users Before accessing the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) Of their devices.

Reported in recent days Financial Times, The China Advertising Association, With the support of the state, will begin testing a new tool to circumvent these rules Makes IDFA completely identical.

Apple has already sent notices to at least two developers Update their applications within 14 days Follow App Store rules to prevent removal:

“We found that your application collects user and device information to create a unique identifier”

According to Financial Times, Applications used a tool called CAID, Created by the above China Advertising Association Who declared “no objection” to Apple’s privacy policy. These warnings from Apple would otherwise suggest. In China, large and small companies will seriously consider using this new tool, but Apple’s warnings may stop it altogether.

This is a comment made by Apple in a note:

“The App Store terms and guidelines apply equally to developers around the world, including Apple. We firmly believe that users should ask for their permission before being tracked.

The China Advertising Association However, it also said it was developing additional services that would collect and store users’ personal data to create a “fingerprint” for each user. In the future, once Apple’s ADT comes into effect, there will be more and more attempts to prevent and avoid the App Store review process.

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