Introducing the New Multiscope Device for Telehealth Visits

French company Withings has been quietly making a name for itself in the home health industry, focusing on creating devices that allow vital readings to be taken outside of the doctor’s office. Their latest innovation, BeamO, is a “multiscope” designed to provide patients with easy access to their vitals during teleconference health calls.

Telehealth visits have become increasingly popular during the pandemic, and BeamO offers a convenient alternative to in-person visits for non-emergency situations. Even smaller than a smartphone, this device combines four essential health metrics in one: it serves as a digital thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope.

Withings CEO Eric Carrell acknowledges that telemedicine has become commonplace post-pandemic. However, remote visits have often lacked the ability for healthcare professionals to carry out routine checks in person. BeamO aims to bridge this gap by providing patients with the necessary tools to monitor their health from home.

The device can simultaneously read SpO2 levels, heart rate, and ECG, displaying the information on its screen. Audio can also be sent to healthcare providers via a dedicated app. While BeamO is still awaiting FDA clearance for certain features like AFib detection, Withings anticipates it will be available for purchase in July, with a price tag of $250.

With the increasing demand for telehealth services, BeamO offers a practical solution for individuals who require regular monitoring but prefer to avoid in-person visits. By providing convenient access to vital readings, this device has the potential to revolutionize telemedicine and bolster the home health industry.

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